What Is It/

How Is It Recognized/

Is Massage indicated

Condition Name

What Are They?

How Are They Recognized?

or Contraindicated?


Boils are local staphylococ-

Boils look like acne, too, except

Boils at least locally contraindi-

(page 41)

cus infections similar to

that the lesions are bigger and

cate massage, and care should


acne, but they are not re-

they usually occur singly rather

be taken to make sure the infec-


lated to adolescence or

than being spread over a large

tion is not systemic (screen the


liver dysfunction,

area. They are also more painful

client for other symptoms such



than typical acne lesions.

as swelling, fever, or discomfort




other than at the site of the le-




sion). The bacteria that cause




boils are extremely virulent and




communicable. The sheets of a




client with boils should be




treated with extra care.


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