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Is Massage indicated

Condition Name

What Are They?

How Are They Recognized?

or Contraindicated?

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

CTS will cause pain, tingling,

Massage is indicated with ex-


(CTS) is irritation of the me-

numbness, and weakness in

treme caution for CTS. Work on

(page 111)

dian nerve as it passes un-

the part of the hand supplied

or around the wrist must stop


der the transverse carpal

by the median nerve.

immediately if any symptoms


ligament into the wrist. It


are elicited, but some types of


has several different causes.


CTS will respond well to mas-




sage. It is necessary to get a




medical doctor's diagnosis in or-




der to know which type of CTS is






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