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Is Massage indicated

Condition Name

What Are They?

How Are They Recognized?

or Contraindicated?


Dermatitis is an umbrella

Dermatitis presents itself in vari-

The appropriateness of massage


term for inflammation of

ous ways, depending on what

depends completely on the

(page 211

the skin. Eczema is a type

type of skin reactions are elicited.

source of the problem and the


of atopic dermatitis, a non-

Exposure to poison oak or poison

condition of the skin. If the skin


contagious skin rash usually

ivy results in large inflamed

is very inflamed or has blisters or


brought about by an aller-

wheals; metal allergies tend to

other lesions, massage is at least


gic reaction. Contact der-

be less inflamed and more iso-

locally contraindicated until the


matitis is a related but

lated in area.

acute stage has passed. If signs


slightly different type of

Eczema usually appears as one

indicate a rash could spread


hypersensitivity reaction.

of two varieties: very dry and flaky

(e.g., with poison oak), massage



skin (seborrheic eczema) or blis-

is systemically contraindicated



tered, weepy skin (dyshidrotic

while the irritation is present.




Dry, flaky eczema indicates mas-




sage. If the skin is not itchy and




the affected area is highly iso-




lated, as with a metal allergy to a




watch band or earrings, massage




is only locally contraindicated.


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