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Is Massage indicated

Condition Name

What Are They?

How Are They Recognized?

or Contraindicated?


Fungal infections of human

Most tinea lesions begin as one

Massage is at least locally contra-


skin, also called mycoses,

reddened circular itchy patch.

indicated for fungal infections in

(page 7)

are caused by fungi called

Scratching the lesions will spread

all phases. lf the affected areas


dermatophytes. When

them to other parts of the body.

are very limited-for instance,


there is a fungal infection

As they get larger they tend to

only the feet are involved or


caused by dermatophytes,

clear in the middle and keep a red

only one or two small, covered


the characteristic lesions

ring around the edges. Athlete's

lesions appear on the body-


are called tinea. Thus,

foot, another type of mycosis, will

massage may be administered


within this heading several

involve moist blisters and cracking

to the rest of the body. If there


different types of tinea are

between the toes. If it affects the

is a large area involved, and es-



nails they will become yellow,

pecially if the infection is acute



thickened, and pitted.

(i.e., not yet responding to treat-




ment), then massage is systemi-




cally contraindicated.


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