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Guillain Barre

Guillain Barre Syndrome

This disease begins with reduced

Sensation may be limited during


is a disease of the nervous

sensation in fingers and toes,

the onset phase of this disease,


system brought about by

which progresses up toward the

and any sensory impairment


autoimmune dysfunction,

central nervous system. Both sen-

contraindicates vigorous mas-


certain types of infections

sation and motor innervation may

sage. If Sensation is intact and


or vaccinations, Hodgkin's

be affected. in extreme cases, pa-

medical clearance is obtained,


lymphoma, surgery, or ex-

tients may need a ventiator to as-

massage may be a useful part of


posure to some drugs.

sist in breathing. Guillain Barre

the recovery strategy for Guillain



syndrome is usually a temporary

Barre Syndrome.



situation, and most patients expe-




rience a full or nearly full recovery




within weeks or months.



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