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How Are They Recognized?

or Contraindicated?


Myasthenia gravis (MG) is an

MG causes muscle weakness, of-

Massage may be indicated for


autoimmune disorder in

ten of muscles that control the

MG patients with a doctor's su-


which the acetylcholine re-

eyes and mouth, but the limbs

pervision. Medication for this


ceptors at neuromuscular

can also be involved. This weak-

condition often compromises


junctions of skeletal mus-

ness progresses for several years

the immune system, so take


cles are damaged. This lim-

and then reaches a plateau and

care to avoid exposing the cli-


its the strength of nerve

stabilizes. Muscles that control

ent to infectious agents.


transmissions and causes

breathing and coughing may be-



the muscles to become

come weak enough to cause res-




piratory crises. Skin sensation is




normal but pain may be present




if muscles of the neck and the




head become weak and go into




chronic spasm.



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