What Is It/

How Is It Recognized/

Is Massage indicated

Condition Name

What Are They?

How Are They Recognized?

or Contraindicated?


Pelvic inflammatory dis-

Symptoms of acute PID include

Massage is systemically contra-


ease, or PID, is a bacterial

abdominal pain, fever, chills, head-

indicated for any active pelvic


infection of female repro-

ache, lassitude, nausea, and vom-


(Page 346)

ductive organs. It starts at

iting. Chronic PID may produce



the cervix and can move

no Symptoms, or may involve



up to infect the uterus,

chronic pain, pain on urination,



fallopian (uterine) tubes,

and pain with intercourse.



ovaries, and entire pelvic








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