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Torticollis is a unilateral

Flexion and rotation of the head

This depends on the cause of the

(page 106)

spasm of neck muscles. The

are the main symptoms. Torticollis

problem. One variety, called sim-


spasm may be related to a

may also refer pain into the neck,

ple wryneck, resulting from trig-


variety of causes.

shoulders, and back.

ger points, cervical misalignment,




ligament sprain, or trauma may




be appropriate for massage if no




acute inflammation is present.




Spasmodic torticollis patients




may benefit from pain relief of -




fered by massage, but work




should be done under supervi-




sion. If symptoms don't improve




or if any signs of systemic infec-




tion occur, a more thorough di-




agnosis should be sought.


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