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How Is It Recognized/

Is Massage indicated

Condition Name

What Are They?

How Are They Recognized?

or Contraindicated?


Tuberculosis is a bacterial

Infection with the tuberculosis

Massage is contraindicated for

(page 257)

infection that usually be-

bacterium may produce no symp-

active tuberculosis disease, unless


gins in the lungs, but may

toms. If the infection turns into

the client has been on consistent


spread to bones, kidneys,

the actual disease, symptoms may

medication for several weeks and


lymph nodes, or elsewhere

include coughing, bloody sputum,

has medical clearance. Massage


in the body. It is a highly

fatigue, weight loss, and night

for clients with tuberculosis in-


contagious airborne


fection but no disease is fine, but




these people should be under




medical supervision as well.


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