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Fascia Research Project 

(Ulm University, Germany. Updated interim reports)

Fascial Fitness - fascia oriented training for bodywork & movement therapies

Divo G. Mueller, et al.

Practical Considerations for Structural Integration, biased by the nervous system.


The confluence of neuroscience and Structural Integration - A discussion with Sandra Blakeslee


Foreword to the new book: 'Fascial Manipulation' by L&C Stecco.


The Maxillae as the inner bridge between neurocranium & viscerocranium


Highlights from the Second International Fascia Research Congress

V. Berg

Tension in the jaw and how to release it with specific movement exercises


Self-Care for Rolfers: How to build a strong and elastic fascial body; and how to guide your empathy with the CAKE technique


Die Bedeutung der Faszien in der manuellen Therapie




Pathology: Contraindications and Indications for Manual Therapy.  LOOK UP OVER 150 MEDICAL CONDITIONS (complete chart  from R.Werner & B.Benjamin)

The Anatomy Trains (complete version)

T. Myers

Zwei Artikel über Faszien für Pilates-Trainer u. andere Bewegungsfreunde

Pilates Magazin 3/2009

Faszien und Nervensystem   (jetzt vollständige Version)  

R. Schleip

Articles on the work of Hubert Godard

The 1st Fascia Research Congress

Report in IASI Yearbook 2008


World Congresses on Low Back & Pelvic Pain

Selected Papers 1998-2007

Inner Shape: Its manifestations within various kinds of connective tissues


Reframing pain   C.Nestvogel


Understanding the process of fascial unwinding



Dancing in the Connective-Tissue Matrix - An Embryology Primer 

K. McCoy

Helping clients understand their fascial network

A.Boser & D.Lesondak

Physical thoughts about structure: the elasticity of fascia


The oscillatory properties of the structural body

J. Smith

Muscle energy concepts - a need for change.  


Introduction to Dr. Langevin's research


Rehabilitation of the stability function of psoas major   M.Comerford, S.Gibbons, P.Emerson

Neurobiological aspects of the cranial rhythmic impulse

R. Schleip

How do I listen? Applying body psychotherapy principles and skills in manual and movement therapy.  

S. Petersen

Stephen Porges

Polyvagal-Theorie: Die drei neuralen Kreisläufe als Regulatoren für unser reaktives Verhalten


Neurozeption – die drei Regelkreise des Autonomen Nervensystems 

Mae-Wan Ho:

The acupuncture system and the liquid crystalline collagen fibres of the connective tissues: Liquid crystalline meridians. 


Organism and psyche in a participatory universe


Musle energy concepts - a need for change 


The Geometry of Anatomy – the Bones of Tensegrity

T. Flemons

Origins and Ancestors of the Somatic Movement

E. Maupin 

Articles by Diane Lee on pelvic girdle pain



Emilie Conrad

The Jungle Gym: an inquiry into fitness

K. Smith

Relationship of acupuncture points and meridians to connective tissue planes

H.M. Langevin et al.

Muscular dysbalance

P. Greenman

Articles by T. Hanna (who coined the term Somatics) plus other authors on Hanna Somatics

New Insights on the Pterygoidalis Lateralis

R. Schleip

Commentary on the stretching debate


The spine engine: a unified theory of the spine?

Interview with S.Gracovetsky      (PDF-file, 130 KB)

J. Plummer: An Analysis of Some Exercises, Therapies and Techniques Capable of Correcting Posture and Muscle Imbalance

The myth of the 'pinched nerve'

Body-Work and being

D. Johnson

The way of the flesh: a brief history of the Somatics movement,   D. Johnson

Questioning Fryette updated Apr. 2007


Short right leg syndrome


Understanding anterior hip pain (orthopedic perspective)

MRI scans of patients with unexplained back pain shows augmented pain processing in the brain, similar to fibromyalgia

How neck muscles influence hamstring length

The man who had lost his head

A bodyworker's detective story by R.Schleip

Case Study: Hamstring Pain, by Cianca & Siodlarz, example of a clinical reasoning process in manual medicine

The dominant leg (review of an article about asymmetric leg features in humans)

Experience in Action: A Psychomotor Psychology, by Alfred Pesso (complete book text)

Articles on Hanna Somatics

H.v.Kleist: About Marionettes (historical text on movement analysis

H.v.Kleist: Über das Marionetttentheater (historischer Text über Bewegungsanalyse)

Notes for a theory of Somatic Bodywork

E. Maupin

Interview with Prof. Staubesand (discovery of smooth muscles cells in fascia)

Phasic / Tonic Muscles

Innervation Groups


Are 40% of the medical diagnosis' for chronic pain patients wrong?

Body as a river  D.Chopra

Muscle groups according to innervation 


Stages of spiritual learning, by Michael Shea

J. Cottingham: Muscle tone, posture and movement

Readings on the Scientific Basis of Bodywork, Energetic, and Movement Therapies, excerpt of this and other articles by J.Oschman

G.Edelman on Consciousness & Complexity

Sensory-Motor Amnesia: Behind the Mystery of Insidious Pain, by L. Gold

Critical study on Chiropractic & McKenzie

Tensegrity - the Architecture of Life, by D.E.Ingber

Research Quiz

The Vocabulary of Touch, by F. Smith

Embryological Muscle Groups 

S.M. Levin, The Tensegrity System and Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Tensegrity Letter from Buckminster Fuller

Other Tensegrity articles by S.M. Levin

The seven dimensions of touch

David Lauterstein

The Rowing Style in Ancient Egypt

H.G. Brecklinghaus

Man the tottering biped (book review)

A. Newton   (PDF-file, 120 KB)

Somatic Education: its Origins, Ancestors, and Prospects
E. Maupin

Report from the 4th World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Pain ,  R.Schleip

Bodywork as meditation

Raymond Bishop

Access to the present moment: TraumaSomatics®, the reorganisation of the somatic memory system.

H. Grassmann, C.Polenz-Michel

The Tao of exercise and self care.

Gael Ohlgren & Robert Litman

Pattern recognition and modification through DFA or the Duggan/French Approach




Scoliosis and proprioception


Central Nervous System Processing in Idiopathic Scoliosis

News on Tinnitus


Hilde Feldweg: The pelvic floor. 

includes the fulltext original paper in German

Disk hernia or protrusion as cause for low backpain?

MRI study on homunculus plasticity and backpain


Infant Movement Patterns & Autism

Carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries

S.Goodwin & J.Burch

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

Clay Cox

Articles on muscular hypertonicity and ankylosing spondylitis




Ida P. Rolf Library of Structural Integration

Audio files and transcripts of classes with Dr. Rolf 

GSI website

Fascial plasticity – a new neurobiological explanation

(fulltext version)  R.Schleip 

Contraindications to Deep Bodywork (9th edition, May 2008)

R.Schleip, et al.

Dynamic Process Integrity    I. Rolf

A new paradigm: on nerve tissue treatment


Treating the body as a self regulatory process


Structural stretches 

Pedro Prado      (PDF-file, 496 KB)

Active client movement participation during myofascial work    R.Schleip

Is embryology relevant for Rolfing?


Why do we hold up the arms while running?

A.Zorn, M.Caspari       (PDF file, 600 KB)

Respecting motor memory consolidation

Research news for movement teachers


Scoliosis: what to do?   Miita Fulgenzi

Working with scoliosis   R. Schleip

Flexor-Extensor Structural Typology


Exploratory studies of the psychobiological dimension of the Rolfing Method of Structural Integration

P. Prado (abstract of doctoral thesis)

Memories of an exceptional pioneer  

(About Ida P. Rolf, by one of her sons)


Mindful Motion - Rolfing Movement Integration Techniques, a manual

M. Caspari

Rolfing structural integration treatment of cervical spine dysfunction

H.James et al

Advances in the theory and practice of Rolfing


A brief talk about Ida Rolf

A. Demmerle

The intersubjective field of healing - beyond technique


Principles of treatment in practice


Cultivating body-mindfulness - the heart of Structural Integration


The neurology of posture


The cylinder model  R.Wheeler

Third hour thoughts  R.Wheeler

Website on myofascial release related research articles


Reflections on How Rolfing® works
Nicholas French

The core of the matter – core and sleeve in the Rolfian paradigm    Jeff Linn

Therapy Balls and Rolfing


Somatic bodymapping: its usefulness in Rolfing

Ray Bishop

Giselle Genillard (midwife & Rolfer): Rolfing® and The Genesis of Health

Ida Rolf: Structural Integration and the Open Universe

B.D’Udine, C.v.Vlaanderen: Biological Considerations on Rolfing®

Bruno D’Udine: An Evolutionary Perspective on the Body-Mind Relationship

The Ethics of Touch, by Lael Katherine Keen

An Interview With Ida Rolf, Somatics magazine, 1979

Spinal Mechanics for Structural Bodyworkers (3rd edition 1999)    R. Schleip

Cottingham, J.T., Porges S.W., Richmond K.: Shifts in Pelvic Inclication Angle …

Cottingham, J.T., Porges S.W., Lyon, T.: Effect of Soft Tissue Mobilization (Rolfing Pelvic Lift) on Parasympathetic Tone in Two Age Groups

Magic Spots - High Leverage Points in the Neuro-Myofascial Net,  R.Schleip

Notes from a Fascial Anatomy Dissection, R.Schleip

Neuro-Myofascial Net , Part 1  R.Schleip

Hans Flury: The Third Finger   (Rolfing® theory)

The Structural Typology of Hans Flury   R.Schleip

New Indicator List for External/Internal Typology

Dealing with the Emotions, Rolf Lecture of Ron Kurtz

Monica Caspari & Dr. Adjo.Zorn: Beyond the Recipe – Process Oriented Rolfing

Lecture Notes on Psoas and Adductors


Pelvic Torsion and Structural Integration in the Gravitational Field, R.Schleip

Talking to Fascia – Changing the Brain


Hypertonic fascia

John C. Lowe

Equine Rolfing®    Jim Pascucci

Ida Rolf: Center for the Healing Arts Lecture

Integrierter Körperstruktur u. Menschenbild i. d. Kunst d. alten Ägypten, Hans Georg Brecklinghaus

ULCA study on the effects of Rolfing® Structural Integration, by Valery Hunt 

Marvin Solit: A Study in Structural Dynamics

V.Hunt & W.Massey: Electromyographic Evaluation of Structural Integration Techniques

Jocelyn Proby: An Osteopath Looks at the Rolf Method

Jan Sultan: In and Around the Pelvis;

In and Around the Shoulder Girdle

Willli Harder: A Six-Step-Schema (for diagnosis based on the theories of Hans Flury

Visceral manipulation enhances structural integration

Jeffery Burch

Interdisciplinary relationships in the treatment of chronic back pain     P. Gordon

Breathing in the gravity field

A. Newton   (PDF-file, 1,25 MB)

Boosting Power: The Rossiter System's powerful stretches are new tools for PT     R.Rossiter

Gracovetsky on walking

A. Newton  (PDF-file, 280 MB)

Fascial layers of the neck

Kevin McCoy

Finding balance- interdisciplinary Structural Integration

Jeff Burch

Further Thoughts on Femur Rotation and the Hip Flexors Psoas and Iliacus, by Michael Morrison

Rolfing©, visceral massage, acupuncture, and cranio-sacral therapy

Stanley Rosenberg

Geplauder mit Hans Flury (Gespräch zwischen den Rolfern Dr. Hans Flury and Dr. Thomas Walser)

The making of a science of Rolfing(R): From an individual path to a collective activity   P.Prado



Foreword to 'Body and Mature Behavior'


 Lichtblicke im Dschungel der Gehirnforschung  (from the German journalFeldenkraisZEIT’)


Es könnte sein, dass unsere Kultur uns braucht. Gespräch mit R.Scheip über Rolfing, Faszien u. Feldenkrais, FeldenkraisForum 2008/2 Elizabeth Beringer: Self-Imaging

Povinelli's Monkeys (how body awareness developed in the jungle. Monkey research supporting the slogan ‘awareness through movement’)

'Mental Furniture': article series by Dennis Leri on the intellectual roots of Moshe Feldenkrais (12 different articles)

Irene Sieben: Von der Kunst das Lernen zu lernen

Irene Sieben: Die Entdeckung der Moleküle im eigenen Körper

Resources for Awareness for Movement® by D.Zemach-Bersin

NEW Musings on awareness

Ralph Strauch

Why Robots Fall Down, by Lawrence Goldfarb  


Articles for Non-Professionals