Interdisciplinary World Congresses on Low Back & Pelvic Pain.

Selected Papers

Barcelona 2007
Melbourne 2004
Montreal 2001
Vienna 1998

 6th Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Pain, Barcelona, 2007

César Fernández de las Peñas
"Neural and Joint Afferences as Etiologic or Perpetuating Factors of Myofascial Trigger Points"
Werner Klingler, Adjo Zorn, Robert Schleip
"Contractile Features of Human Lumbar Fascia"
Leon Chaitow
"Chronic Pelvic Pain: Pelvic Floor Problems, Sacroiliac Dysfunction and the Trigger Point Connection"
Robert Schleip
"Fasica is able to Contract in a Smooth Muscle-like Manner and thereby Influence Muskulosceletal Mechanics"
Vert Mooney, John Mayer, David Woodbridge
"Exercise for Managing Adolescent Scoliosis"
Nili Steinberg
"Low Back Pain in Young Dancers"
Anne Smith
"Classification of Sagittal Thoraco-Lumbo-Pelvic Alignment of the Adolescent Spine in Standing Usind Two-Dimensional Photographic Images and the Association with Back Pain"
Staffan Elgelid
"A Modification of Sackett´s Model  for Evidence Based Medicine Based on the Acuteness of  the Patient´s Condition"
Kay Cooper, Blair H. Smith, Elisabeth Hancock
"The Effect of Chronic Low Back Pain on Three-Dimensional Pelvic and Spinal Kinematics During Overground Walking"
Kyle Kiesel, Rob Butler, Andrea Duckworth et al
"Experimentally Induced Pain Alters the EMG Activity of the Lumbar Multifidus During Functional Tasks"

Laurie McLaughlin, Charlie H Goldsmith
"Altered Respiration in a Case Series of  Low Back/Pelvic Pain Patients"

Zavieh minoo Khalkhali, M Parnianpour, H Karimi et al
"Quantification of the Effects of Postural Hyperkyphosis  on Postural Stability and Spinal Proprioception"


 HJ DeVries, A Vleeming, I Ronchetti et al
Pelvic Girdle Pain : The Sensitivity And Specificity of the Long Dorsal Sacroiliac Ligament Test"




 5th Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Pain, Melbourne, 2004


Priscilla J Barker, K Guggenheimer, Paul W Hodges et al
"The Effect of Applying Tension to the Lumbar Fasciae On Segmental Flexion and Extension"
Peter O´Sullivan, Tim Mitchell, Paul Bulich et al
"The Relationship between Spinal Posture and Physical Characteristics in an Industrial Low Back Pain Population"


 4th Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Pain, Montreal, 2001

Priscilla J Barker, Christopher A Briggs, Goce Bogeski
"Muscle Attachments of the Lumbar Fasciae"
More papers from this congress are posted at: 

 3rd Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Pain, Vienna, 1998

F.M. Kovacs
"Neuroreflexotherapy Intervention for Exacerbrations of Chronic Low Back Pain: Clinical Evidence and Biological Substrate"
Andy Vleeming
"Possible Role of the Long Dorsal Sacroiliac Ligament in Peripartum Pelvic Pain"
F.H. Willard, J.E. Carreiro, W. Manko
"The Long Posterior Interosseous Ligament and the Sacrococcygeal Plexus"
Christine Hamilton, Carolyn Richardson
"Active Control of the Neutral Lumbopelvic Posture; A Comparison between Back Pain and Non Back Pain Subjects"
Stephen M. Levin
"The Tensegrity System and Pelvic Pain Syndrome"