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Kevin Frank

Certified Rolfer, and 'Resources in Movement' in New Hampshire . Sessions, classes and workshops.

Michael Friedrich

Dipl. Psych., Psychotherapie und Hypnose bei somatischen Beeinträchtigungen.

Kerstin Tresselt-Greil & Thomas Greil

FREIRAUM - Praxis für Bewegung & Körpertherapie (Body-Mind Centering, u.a.)

Lawrence Gold

Certified Hanna Somatics Educator, rich website includes articles by T.Hanna (who coined the term 'Somatics')

Christian Gottwald, Dr. med.

Psychotherapeut, Lehrtrainer von EIDOS-Bewusstseinszentrierte Körperpsychotherapie

Gil Hedley Phl.D.

Somanautics Workshops, Integral Anatomy Series, leads human dissection workshops worldwide.

Don Hanlon Johnson

Professor of California Institute of Integral Studies, somatic philosopher and writer. Website includes some of his writings.

Sue Hitzmann

and her Bodylanguage Institute in New York City. Cutting edge somatic fitness, education, therapy and products.

Dean Juhan

workshop facilitator, author (e.g. 'Job's Body'), instructor and practitioner of the Trager approach

Tom Kausch

Dipl.Psych, Körpertherapeut (Somatic Integration, SKAN-Reichianische Körperarbeit) in Berlin


website dedicated to the work of Dr. Charles R. Kelley and the Kelley-Radix Organization.

Thomas Kirschner Seminare

info & courses on Feldenkrais & NLP (English & Deutsch)

Marc Kirschstein

Rolfer® in Hamburg und Bad Hersfeld

Martin Klingler

Rolfer® in Wil, Schweiz

Ron Kurtz

Psychotherapist, Founder of Hakomi Method

Peter Levine

(Foundation of Human Enrichment, representing his work on healing trauma)

Paul Linden, Ph.D.

Feldenkrais & Aikido, developer of ‚Being in Movement®' bodymind training, Columbus/Ohio

Jeff Linn

Rolfer®, info on computer imaging systems for bodyworkers

Til Luchau

Rolfer® and teacher. Rolf Institute® FOSP Faculty, originator of "Skillful Touch" Bodyworkw. Workshops internationally.

Joshua Lyons

Alexander Teacher, Toronto, Canada