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Edward W. Maupin, Ph.D.

President of Internat. Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB), San Diego

Servaas Mes

Director of The Somatic Health Center in St. Helena, California, founder of 'Mobilizing Awareness™' and 'Somatic Conditioning™'

Helmut Milz, M.D

Author, presenter, coach, body oriented therapist, professor at the Univ. of Bremen, Germany.

Michael C.Morrison

M.S., Structural bodywork; unusual courses in movement, anatomy and bodywork, Falmouth/Maine.

Divo Müller

leitet das Bodybliss Studio in München. Deutschprachige Webseite über Contiuum Movement

Thomas Myers

Rolfer and Director of Kinesis Inc. (Great video from him on 'Fascial Trains')

Claudius Nestvogel

M.A., Rolfing, Feldenkrais, Focussing.

Sol Petersen

Bodworker, Tai Chi instructor, songwriter, cofounder of Mana Retreat Ctr. in New Zealand

James L. Oschman, Ph.D.

Scientist focusing on bodywork and energy medicine, author, teacher.

Dr. Helga Pohl

und Sensomotorische Körpertherapie, Körpertherapie-Zentrum in Starnberg bei München


common website of Italian Rolfers

Rolfer in Berlin

Gemeinsame informative Webseite der Berliner Rolfer.

Robert and Anne Rickover

and their award winning website: "The complete guide to the Alexander Technique"

Markus Roßmann

Rolfer und Diplom-Sportlehrer (Rehabilitation/Prävention) im Raum München

Brian Rothbart

good website on proprioceptive stimulation, especially how the feet influence overall posture & wellbeing

Paul Rubin

and 'Inst. for the Study of Somatic Education'. Senior Feldenkrais Instructor and training director.

Bernhard Schlage

Körperpsychotherpeut und Schriftsteller, Hannover.

Bruce Schonfeld

Rolfer, teaches manual therapy courses, affiliate of Sports Medicine and Anti-Aging Medical Group, Santa Monica/California.

Christopher Veeck

Rolfer in Vienna. Impressive website (Rolfing® , Somatic Experiencing, Rolfing® Movement, ...)

Jennifer Wade

personal trainer, fitness coach, metabolic balance, and more, in Munich/Germany