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American 3B Scientific Products

online catalog of anatomical models, skeletons, charts, etc.

Tufts University anatomy of head & neck

(includes a great site on fascial layers of the neck)

Fascia tables of University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Visble Human Data Set
Anatomie Lern-Seiten der Univ. Mainz

(great for German students)

Merck’s Virtual Body Tours

includes the world's largest library of 3D medical animations

Univ. of Washington, School of Medicine Anatomy Modules
The Visible Embryo
Virtual Anatomy Notebook

by Donal Shanahan

NPAC Visual Human Viewer

male cross sections online

Cranial Nerve Review

by Gateway Comm.College

Cranial Nerves

by Loyola Univ.

Muscles in Action

multimedia online textbook of basic muscle actions

Anatomy Mnemonics
Hominid Evolution - Guided On-Line Tour (external link)

Study the skeleton of 'Lucy' and other hominid ancestors

Inst. f. Plastination

(Prof. Hagen's impressive exhibition 'Koerperwelten')

Anatomical Theatre

Depictions of the Body, Disease, and Death in Medical Museums of the Western World


finds the cheapest online book supplier for you, includes Amazon and mailing to non-US countries

Verzeichnis aller in Deutschland lieferbaren Bücher

des Börsenvereins des deutschen Buchhandels, mit online-Bestellmöglichkeit


to find and order used books (includes 10 million books from thousands of booksellers worldwide in English, German and other languages)