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Body Image

exists since 2004. Free online issue


open access on all articles

Internat. Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

open access

Physical Therapy

includes abstracts of articles

Massage and Bodywork

magazine, free archive of several articles

Massage Therapy Journal

includes abstracts and samples of articles


Content list of the leading global journal on the F.M. Alexander Method (no abstracts or full text versions available online)

Massage Magazine

subscription info only, no abstracts.

Osteopathische Medizin

Beinhaltet Volltext- Versionen einiger guter Artikel


subscription info only, no abstracts.

The New York Times

search the 365 day archive for articles in the science section. Full text downloads cost $2.50 each. My personal favourite: articles by Sandra Blakeslee

Fascia Research Project, Ulm university

Laboratory of Schleip, Klingler, et al.

Ida P. Rolf Library of Structural Integration

Hundreds of articles related to Rolfing. Registration needed for complete access.


Adjo Zorn's website on the spring-like function of the lumbar fascia in walking

Touch Research Institute

with extensive database of research on touch, and on the effects of massage (plus yoga and tai chi)


interactive video of different walking styles (from Dr. Nikolaus Troje's Biomotion Lab)

Articles on Shoulder Instability

Stephen M. Levin's Biotensegrity webpage

Biomechanics Worldwide

richest info source on the web in this field

The Halcyon

incredibly rich site on humanistic, transpersonal and other interests