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Complete text of Alfred Pesso's book

"Experience in Action: A Psychomotor Psychology"

Manual Healing Methods

(report of the Office of Alternative Medicine, established by the US congress. Includes research review of different modalities.)

Pilates Info Homepage

Info on the movement reeducation system of Joseph Pilates. Lists most studios in the U.S.

Find nearest Pilates Studio
Articles by John Barnes on Myofascial Release

list for physiotherapy discussions, archive of all postings


(on fibromyalgia, chronic pain, myofascial pain syndrome)

Capsular Patterns

for each joint according to Magee

Neuro Orthopaedig Institute

international group of physiotherapists around David Butler, et al., with interesting discussion site.


Overview of international fascia research

International Association of Structural Integration

A unifying professional association for Structural Integrators

Surgical videos

live and archived webstreams

Sean Riehl’s multimedia online learning site

for massage therapists

The Nonverbal Dictionary

of Gestures. Signs & Body Language Cues (by David B.Givens, Center for Nonverbal Studies)

Multimedia knee exam

Univ. of Minnesota Orthopaedics

Repetitive Motion Injury

(access to several articles and resources on RSI for computer users)

Trauma Infomation Pages

(award winning site by D.Baldwin on trauma for clinicians & researchers)

Jeff Linn’s digital image analysis

of Rolfing clients:

Britisch Scoliosis Society

(info on the GXS exercise system of J.Horvarth)