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International Association of Structural Integration

A unifying professional association for Structural Integrators

Surgical videos

live and archived webstreams

Sean Riehl’s multimedia online learning site

for massage therapists

The Nonverbal Dictionary

of Gestures. Signs & Body Language Cues (by David B.Givens, Center for Nonverbal Studies)

Multimedia knee exam

Univ. of Minnesota Orthopaedics

Repetitive Motion Injury

(access to several articles and resources on RSI for computer users)

Trauma Infomation Pages

(award winning site by D.Baldwin on trauma for clinicians & researchers)

Jeff Linn’s digital image analysis

of Rolfing clients:

Britisch Scoliosis Society

(info on the GXS exercise system of J.Horvarth)

Articles by David Lauterstein on Dimensions of Touch
MEDLINE access

(to find and order scientific articles)

Clinical Gait Analysis

by Chris Kirtley

Restless Leg Syndrome

(information for professionals as well as the general public)


("The Web's Leading Resource on Incontinence and Pelvic Disorders")

Brain Science Podcast

by Dr. Ginger Campbell, with focus on mind-body medicine