Dear visitors of this website,

My professional passion is exploring the fascia. I would therefore be very pleased if you, too, would support our nonprofit association.

This will enable us to continue our research activities at the University of Ulm and support important fascia research projects.

Fascia - a connective (t)issue!

Thank you for your support!
Danke für Ihre Unterstützung!


Our goals

Objective and purpose of this nonprofit organization will be realized in particular through the following measures and tasks:

  • Implementation or participation to projects and events in the field of scientific fascia research.
  • Collaboration with nonprofit corporations, associations, organizations and public bodies in the field of fascial research and science by providing material resources and grants.
  • Idealistic and, if necessary, material support for the fulfilment of tax-privileged purposes in the field of science and research in the field of fascia.
  • Appropriate funds should be used for the fulfilment of these statutory purposes through donations, grants and other contributions.
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