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for experts

Fascia Research Project (Ulm University...)

Practical considerations for structural integration, biased by the nervous system

Foreword to new book: Fascial manipulation by L&C Stecco

Highlights from the Second international Fascia Research Congress

Fascial Fitness - fascia oriented training for bodywork & movement therapies

The confluence of neuroscience and Structural Integration

The Maxillae as the inner bridge between neurocranium & viscerocranium

Tension in the jaw and how to release it with specific movement exercises

of general interest

The Anatomy trains T. Myers Part 1

The Anatomy trains T. Myers Part 2

The 1st Fascia Research Congress Report in IASI Yearbook 2008 B.W.Ward

Inner Shape: Its manifestations within various kinds of connective tissues P.Schwind

Understanding the process of fascial unwinding B.Minasyn

Dancing in the Connective-Tissue Matrix - An Embryology Primer K.McCoy

Helping clients understand their fascial network A.Boser & D.Lesondak

Physical thoughts about structure: the elasticity of fascia A.Zorn

The oscillatory properties of the structural body J.Smith

Muscle energy concepts - a need for change.   G.Fryer

Introduction to Dr. Langevin's research R.Schleip

How do I listen? Applying body psychotherapy principles and skills in manual and movement therapy. S.Petersen

The acupuncture system and the liquid crystalline collagen fibres of the connective tissues: Liquid crystalline meridians. Mae-Wan Ho

Organism and psyche in a participatory universe Mae-Wan Ho

Musle energy concepts - a need for change  G.Fryer

Origins and Ancestors of the Somatic Movement E. Maupin

Articles by Diane Lee on pelvic girdle pain  

Movement Emilie Conrad

The Jungle Gym: an inquiry into fitness K. Smith

Relationship of acupuncture points and meridians to connective tissue planes H.M. Langevin et al.

Short right leg syndrome E.Dalton Part 1

Short right leg syndrome E.Dalton Part 2

Understanding anterior hip pain (orthopedic perspective)

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